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Why does the “Dow” have a higher number than the S@P 500 of which it is a member? »

How much does an apartment on stone street, New York cost? »

1 bedroom or studio, allows some sort of pet?

what is NASDAQ and DOW? and what does .com mean? »

what is NASDAQ and DOW? just a brief explanation plz
what does .com stand for?
what does .org stand for?
what does msnbc stand for? (saw it on tv, presidential news)

Volume of stock in Dow is summary of which market? »

if I click on Dow in Yahoo I see volume of all stocks. Stocks are traded in many markets. What market is counted to that volume, please?

Thank you

Help me. Before i invest? »

1. Investments that have high risk may provide higher returns over time than investments with less risk.

2. Based on the Rile of 72, if you invest money and earned 6% interest, your money would be double in
a. 12 years
b. 72 years
c. 8 years

3. Cody owns 100 shares of PEP stock. PEP pays an annual dividend of $ 4.00 per share. Cody will receive his first quarterly payment on march 30. the dividend check will be for:
a. $ 400
B.$ 100
c $ 4.00

4. Which of the following is not a listing requirement for the NYSE?
a. earnings
b. number of shares
c. type of products/services offered

5. A company gets money from shareholders when it:
a. makes a profit
B. shares are traded between buyers and sellers
c. type of products/services offered

6. IPO means:
a. initial public offering
b. investor protection between buyers and sellers
c. its stock is issued

7. If you own 100 shares of MartCo stock, valued at $ 15.45 per share, and this stock has split 2 for 1, then this means that
a. you now own 200 shared of MartCo stock worth $ 1,545.00
B you now own 100 shared of MartCo stock worth $ 722.50
C. you now own 200 shares of MartCo stock worth $ 3,090.00

8. interest earned on interest occurs with:
a. diversification
b. compounding
c. buying on margin

9. A bond is:
a. contract of credit
b. money borrowed from the bank
c. type of IOU

10. the statement “risk and reward are related” implies:
a. making money in the stock market is risky
b. the higher the risk the higher the reward
c there is no reward in taking risk

11. An important diference between common stock and preferred stock is that the price of the stock tends to be more stable, changing little over time, than of preferred stock.
a. true
b. false

12. You love M&Ms! you bought 210 shares of Mars compant at $ 24 to add to your portfolio. While eating away, you earned a dividend of .75 a share. Later you decide you are getting fat and you sell your Mars stock for $ 32 a share. How did your candy addiction affect your investment?
a. you made $ 6,877.50 profit
b. you lost $ 1,522.50
c. you made $ 1837.50 profit

13. You could find a tombstone ad in the:
a. classified section of the newspaper listing company’s going out of business
b. company’s annual report.
c. Wall street journel

14. Mary’s mother owns KLA stock. She currently recieves a dividend payment every quarter. She is guaranteed to recieve a dividend every quarter as long as she owns KLA stock.
A. true
B. False

15. Stock prices fall because:
a. companies dont make profits everyday
b. there are more sellers than buyers
c. dividends are paid

16. common stock ownership gives investors
a. voting rights in shareholders meetings
b. guaranteed divideds
c. low risk with higher rate of return

the dow jones average is about 9000. what do i buy to make money if i believe it will go up dramatically? »

USA banking system? I don’t get it.? »

Hi folks. I have a question. I am not American, but Canadian. Regarding the economy in the USA: why is the American economy and it’s banking system so de-regulated? In Canada, all of our major chartered banks are relatively strictly controlled and monitored and regulated by the Bank of Canada.

It seems that in the USA, any maverick with either the connections, the finances or I suppose guts can open a bank and there seems to be very little regulation in your system. How is this so and do you feel that this plays a part into the almost collapse of the United State’s economy?

I think that the USA is terrified of “socialist” principles, ie. state control over certain aspects of their society. But, in hindsight, don’t you think that having central control over banking institutions is very important? In Canada, this is the case. In Europe, this is the case.

I think the USA and it’s administration seem to treat banks as the wild west where almost any organization or person can open a bank with fairly unregulated control. Not a good thing in my books – and this seems to be apparent in the United State’s HUGE economic problems. I feel rather sorry for all those average american citizens who have become caught in Wall Street greed and the government’s inability to control the situation, i.e. an almost trillion dollar bailout!

Not to offend anyone of course, but I’m glad our system is quite a bit more regulated. Opinions/thoughts? I am not a economic wizard, just someone with some insight and questions. Thanks kindly.

what does the letters DOW stand for in the stock market? »

What are your top 5 business-related movies and what can be learned from them? »

I am working on a presentation for grad school and, as a movie buff, I wanted to incorporate films that can teach us something about business.

To get the ball rolling, here are 5 of my top 10:

1. There Will Be Blood – shows how backwards integration is successful in drilling for oil and the value of big picture perspective, hard work, and competitive nature.
2. Wall Street – shows effectiveness of arduous research, opportunistic behavior, and persistence
3. The Social Network – sometimes you just have to break the rules and be ruthless to get ahead. Shows the importance of a contract. Ethics vs. fortune. “a man who has everything…and nothing”
4. Office Space – forward thinking is more valuable than menial, worker bee tasks – the main character gets rewarded for being above the BS work and represents leadership and straightforward business tactics (even though he’s hypnotized)
5. Trading Places – how expendable you really are, regardless of prestige, accomplishments, or social standing.

Others left off: Godfather Parts 1 & 2, Citizen Kane, Jerry McGuire, Pursuit of Happyness

what is the different between NASDAQ and the donjone in the stock market ? »

so how do u invest in them and i need more details like how does it work and how to get into them
and what are DIA for the Dow Jones & QQQQ for NASDAQ.