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What Is The DOW (stock market)? »

im kinda confused as to what it is…

How do I make a major career switch? »

I want to change my career but I dont know how. I started out last year with a PhD in mathematics from a major ivy league univ and went on to work in a temporary 3 year position at a state university. A couple of years from now, I am hoping for a tenure track position at some lowly university in the middle of nowhere. It’s what happens to everyone I know.

Meanwhile, I can hardly look my old friends from undergrad in the eye. Some went on to PhDs in financial mathematics, business, or MBAs. Most of them are now working either for Wall Street at 300k or as professors in top business schools for 200k. My 50k salary in a small town in Michigan makes me feel like a failure. Meanwhile in the math job market, every other PhD I know is glad to just have a job…anywhere at any salary, because most of us cant even find employment.

I have tried to apply for Wall Street jobs. But their jargon, their language of finance is completely beyond me. I have even considered going back for a PhD in financial mathematics, but I would need recommendation letters from professors for that and every math professor I know sneers at the applied math people and would never give me a letter of reference for that. At this point, I feel like all doors are closed and I have no marketable skills of any sort. Simple question: Am I totally screwed?

what does 30 U.S. stocks mean in this sentence? »

the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) is a price-weighted index based on 30 U.S. stocks.

thanks in advance

What do I do with 200 ties left from a deceased 67 yr-old? He was very special.? »

My Uncle Jim (James A. Richardson) passed away last week and we had his service this weekend. He was an active Elder with the church, he was past President with Habitat for Humanity, and he delivered the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Investor’s Business Daily to those who needed it. I’m certain not many of you knew him, yet his life is worth this particular literature and much more. I’m wondering what to do with his ties.

What were the DOW, S&P, and NASDAQ futures around 7am EST on Aug. 8, 2006? »

What kind of salary is expected for someone with a PhD in finance? »

Particularly this degree would be from a large state school with a ranked (maybe top 40) but not highly ranked business program, although it is very nice. What are typical salaries like and can someone get into wall street with high credentials from a non target school? I was considering this program as I have very nice tuition waiver options and living compensation. Other professional things I have done in my background include surgical implant design and medical device design. I also interned at some well known engineering firms. I’m in my early 20s. Careers I have thought of include trading, investment banking, biotech venture capital, and private equity. I’m in a good position because scholarships and now a tuition waiver could continue to keep me debt free.

What was dividend yield of Dow Jones Industrial average at the peak of stock market in 1929? thanks.? »

I really don’t want to go to college but I want to work in high finance ? »

I really want to work on wall street but I don’t want to waste my youth at college when I could be spending 4 years living it up and partying in new York city (my home). My family isn’t made of money so I’ll have to pay for it All myself

The Dow is over 12,300 right now. What exactly does this number represent, and how does it fluctuate daily? »

I understand the concept of trading, but I am not exactly sure the details of this number and what goes into an increase or decrease in the Dow.

How many people are in the “1%”? »

If the Wall Street Journal defines the 1% as those that earn more than $ 506,000 annually, this means that one in a hundred people are loaded?

That doesn’t sound right at all. Is there three million people in the US making that much money? Or am I thinking something wrong here?