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Questions about the Stock market.? »

im 16 and want to start following the stock market and have a few questions

why does the stock market crash every decade?

what is the dow jones?

and if you can give me more info on the Stock market that would be great to help me out

Just what is a “point” in the stock market? Is it a dollar? »

Just about every day we get an update on what the stockmarket has ‘done’ (or has ‘not done’). “The Dow Jones” average was up to 13,000, or whatever.

Just exactly what does this mean?

could someone explain me what is this?is it investments? »

Dow 11,935.13 – 45.47
NASDAQ 2,341.64 – 22.20
S&P 1,361.58

What is trading stocks? »

I would like to get into the stock market but know nothing lol. So if somebody could explain what the difference, if any, is with buying, trading stocks. Also what is nasdaq or dow? Any tips or advice would b appreciated, thanks!

please explain the different stock markets: S&P, DOW, NASDAQ, etc. Thanks!? »

i m indian live in india i want to do trading in Dowjone & nasdaq? »

i m a day trader does trade in NSE & BSE, i m 28 years old married men. its my dream to do trade in USA stock exchanges (Dow Jone & Nasdaq ). is there any way to trade their & make my dreams True. if please answer me full processor. THANKS

Roth Ira withdrawl, good time now? »

I put about $ 8000 in a ROTH IRA when the Dow was at 12,000. The Dow is lingering at around 14,000 today and I could use the money now. Is this a good time to withdraw the money from my ROTH? I have a traditional IRA also but can’t withdraw from that without penalty now but the ROTH IRA money, I can take out without penalty. I am not in dire need of the money now, but it has made a good chunk and I hate to lose it if the market crashes again when I could really make out with the gain now. Any fianancial advisors offering advice today? Thanks….

(fist answers gets 10 points)? »

What is a website where I can check oput how individual companies are doing (stockwise) (with the facts and graafics) and how to make a good decition on wich to choose to buy stocks on.
Any advice will be appretiated, and what would make do DOW go up (pointwise) and how many points is it on?

first relevant answer that has a page like that (and advice, if you’d like) will get 10 points.
Don’t you think I would have tried google already?

What is the best way to make money off of the Dow Jones today ? ? »

Which symbol should I sell short?

which fund/stock mimics the Dow?

Thank you!

I have a few stock amrket questions so “bear” with me if you can, 1- what is the Dow industrial average is it »

all the markets put together like the nyse and nasdaq and other stock exchanges? what makes up the dow average. 2- can a stock that is traded on the nyse leave and go to the nasdaq and if so is it possible the nyse could go out of business by losing stocks to the nasdaq and vise versa. 3 can you invest in the dow nasdaq and the nyse themselves