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What does it take to get a Wall Street job without an Ivy League degree?

I go to Bentley College, a small business school near Boston that has strong finance/accounting programs. I am looking to break into investment banking when I graduate. However, I feel at a huge disadvantage because I do not go to a prestigious university.

Each year, big i-banks such as Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and JP Morgan hire college graduates with only a bachelors degree from the likes of Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and even some non-Ivies like Carnegie Mellon. I am not one of those people. However, I do boast a very good GPA and plan on getting a finance internship this coming summer.

With that said, how are my chances of landing a position at one of the big investment banks in NYC? And if they are indeed low, what can I do to obtain that type of position without an MBA? Remember, I am looking to break in with just a B.S. in finance, but without the brand name.

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  1. George S | Feb 7, 2011 | Reply

    You don’t need to be ivy league to get a Wall street job. You just got to find someone on the inside to give you a job. Eighty percent of the people working in the brokerages are let in that way. Just make sure you have at least your series-7.
    Plus offer to work for free the first 3 months, it will increase your chances.


  2. blackjack432001 | Feb 7, 2011 | Reply

    don’t fret. i know the good ‘ol boy system is alive & kickin’ . special treatment given to ivy league schools, etc., cause of either contacts made in school or diplomas from their respective schools. you’ll most-likely have to begin at the bottom but if you are nearly as smart as you say, you won’t be there for long. just because mommy or daddy has/had connections, that does not mean you can cut it. sometimes these ivy leaguers are disappointments. like cream, my friend, you will rise. besides, two things will also take place: you’ll have enough time to know if that’s what you want & where you want to do it, dig? i worked on wall street years ago. make a fortune in both $ $ $ and experience. loved the money & but not uncertainity. good luck!

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