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How is my 401K plan affected by the stock exchange? ?

In history, I recall the stock crash and how so many people lost their money.

Can someone explain – does having a 401K mean your money is being invested? I know this sounds stupid – but its a real question –

feel free to laugh …

and if so, could i loose it if the stock crashes ?

thanks –

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  1. digdowndeepnseattle | Apr 23, 2011 | Reply

    yes it’s invested in the market. yes, you could lose your money but it’s not gone for good if you invest wisely and diversify. You’ll only be out money for good if the money is invested in a single entity that goes out of business (Lehman Brothers). But if you are in mutual funds then your money is spread so thin that even if a company goes out of business you’ll only lose a small amount. The rest is just temporarily down until the market turns around. Unless you are taking the cash out in the next 3-10 years I wouldn’t worry about it.

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