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Do you think that the stock market will crash in the near future?

Do you think that the stock market will crash in the near future? Look at how the value of the dollar keeps dropping and the stocks are going down. I really think Ron Paul is right in what says about this country being in a recession and that we need to go back to the gold standard. The Fed continues to print money as the dollar keeps dropping.

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  1. dbz771 | Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    The stock markets are still bearing quite a lot of damage from the credit crunch at the moment. They are quite low as it is, but in time they are bound to show a consistent recovery. Many people are saying that the US is already in recession, although I personally haven’t heard the US government confirm this yet.

  2. brckr1 | Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    Even if the market does crash it always keeps going because smart investors know where to put their money and when to take it out. Good future investments are green energy stock. The next election will probably put a democrat in the Whitehouse and they tend now to push alternative energy. So my thought is to buy into stocks of green energy such as GRGR on the NYSE and TMG.V, SBX and APV.TO on the TSX… these are only afew, but why wait until it’s the in thing to do to buy alternative energy stock, do it now before everyone jumps on the band wagon….

  3. Chef dad | Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    Don’t buy the market, buy the company(ies). A lower stock market will offer great buying opportunities for quality companies.
    Also, its very hard for anyone, even the best economists like Greenspan (he was/is a great economist, but as fed chairman-ok) to tell when a recession starts or ends till after it ends. So I don’t think Dr Paul has any inside information.

  4. Robbo_op_98 | Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    If you are refering to a crash like the one that happened in 1929 no. There are measures in place to stop that from happening again.

    However could it lose value over time back to say 2004-2005 numbers possibly. In my opinion the stock market, like the housing market, became over valued, sort of like tech stocks did in the ’90s. I think for the next year the finacial industry will drop dramaticlly which in return will cause other industries to lower also, but not as much. I think you may see the market get down to 10,500-11,000 range which in my opinion is where it should be now, but since it was overvalued it is higher.

    As for going back to the gold standard the negative to that is that you can only make as much money as you have gold to back it up. The negative to this is the possibilies of higher interest rates and prices, cause there will be less money.

    The other problem is that most of the worlds commodities markets are based on the US dollar, so while things get more expensive here, they remain about the same elsewhere cause like the Euro it keeps buying more US dollars.

  5. Brad | Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    We are in a recession, but at this point I personally feel that we are towards the end of it. Now it will be shaky with the market going up and down like a rollercoaster for a few more months, but I don’t see a “market crash” happening anytime soon. In fact the smart investors are getting ready to move back into the market huge (and many did on Tuesday).

    The United States will not be going back to the gold standard, at least any time soon. Ron Paul even contiplating doing something like that leads me to believe that he is an idiot.

  6. Franco | Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    The market will not crush, but will suffer a severe correction, with the DJ down to 9000 or so.

    The problem is that both the country and the people have been living far beyond their means for a long time and the day of reckoning always comes sooner or later.

  7. Derek P | Apr 7, 2011 | Reply

    Yes it will crash, and will crash harder than 1929. The reason for this is because of 2012 and the harsh weather that is going to come. Katrina is nothing compared what will be coming and the government knows this, but will not say anything to us to avoid a world wide panic. This is going to cause people taking money out of the market because they know the crash is coming and they want to get as much coin as they can. It also goes down because people will short the market as they are predicting the crash and they will get coin out of it. Also the fact that people are losing homes and having to be forced to pull their investments out. The fact the FED steps in and the market goes up four percent and they still can’t build something because of that. Commodities are going up because we are going to 2012 and we are going to need to survive this. This means foods like wheat, corn and such all go up as the demand will go up. Money will be useless in a decade from now and that is why precious medals are going up. It will not take relatively long for the DJIA to go under 10,000 and the market will crash soon. Webbot which has predicted 9/11 and many other occurrences predicts the market to crash in October (Search Youtube Webbot Market crash). So if October to 16 months from now is short, i would agree that YES the market will crash. Good luck surviving 2012

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